Skyview Academy Photographer

Perspectives...KSP Annual Photo Project

Each year we challenge ourselves to create a photography project for us, to create something fun, something we want to photograph...but it always ends up being something more, something about the community, the subjects...who they are. This year, we focused on only high school girls and young adults here in Highlands Ranch, CO. Everyone had something special to bring to their session. But first, we asked the girls what they struggled is what they had to say...

That's a lot. The struggles they face every day are so overwhelming, teens often say that is the biggest emotional challenge they face...feeling overwhelmed. But today was about making these girls feel special, seen, recognized for who they are. So, we took a series of photos of each girl with no makeup show her natural beauty. It was difficult for some of them for sure, would YOU want your photo taken without makeup? Yet, we felt it was very important to show them how truly beautiful they are, just as they are, without all the makeup other things that cover up their true selves.

Then, we had each girl get pampered with a little makeup, by the amazing Sydni Williams (970.390.8748) and dressed in boutique clothing that Susan Loves William donated for the day! These were not "before and after" pictures. These were taken to show them...perspective. And to help them feel spoiled for just a few moments out of their busy week.


We also asked the girls what brings them joy...makes them laugh or smile. Here is what they said...

How amazing are these young women?!! Here are the rest of the photos from our project, Perspectives.


We are so grateful to all of the young women who participated in this year's photo session. We hope for many more opportunities to recognize these girls for all their beauty, strength and bravery.

A special thank you to Lindsay at Fairytale Floral for donating these beautiful flower crowns. And a huge thank you to makeup artist, Sydni Williams, and Susan Hackett from Susan Loves William, for all you did to make these girls feel special!


Next time, we'll be blogging on our East Coast adventures with the beautiful girl I get to call my niece, Paige!